The Thirteenth Dimension is a novel still being written by Scott Foster. All of his works are already copyrighted and everything written on here is copyrighted however he wanted to get out the word a little and write out several pages on the book on here in order to pass it on to whom ever wanted to know more.

You've probably been passed on from the Home Page to here, and so read below and you'll get an understanding of the books.

The SetupEdit

The world is falling apart as the walls of the world fall apart. An enemy out of the darkness called the Shadow Army . The Shadow Army is a name the humans gave to the members of the armies of Forsaken Dimensions , unknowing of who they really are. The First Time Scale Stage shows The Shadow Army returning and on one side of the planet gathering troops with a liquid that transports the inside people. On the other side a group called Merth are seeking the weapon behind a coin that is said to of brought life it's self to the world.

The First Book shows Adam (Ochen Adam Jabin), Gary (Garnir ??? Lakshan), Stash (Karia ??? Rebraston), Summer (Summer Rosé Tribune) and Claria (Claria Youthe Romania) attemptting to full fill what was full filled a thousand years ago and return the power and complete The Cult Percuseus .

The LegendEdit

The main themes behind the books are that the world is split up due to a fight with the Gods. When human war broke loose a meeting was held at the Order 3 the location of the Gods and Guardians. Three of the Gods said that the war would bring honor and the world needed war. However after a battle left a mob called The Seventh Death brutally murdered 17,000 families and wore their skin for victory the other 20 God's had to put an end to the war. The night it happened Maurikos and his two followers Ogun and Zuba stole the two swords owned by Tyiploro and Hilkica the eldest Gods. They killed Tyiploro and Hilkica. During this night Maurikos asked them to also destory Percuseus the strongest and the leader of the Gods. However upon attempting it their fear got the better of them.

This then began the year of preperation. The Gods were as much at war as the Humans. Over the course of that year Percuseus came up with a plan. Out of his skin he grew 5 difforent peices of cyrstal. He used up his power within them and then gave them to five people. They must dip the crystals in scared water and return to the feilds of Hashtosho together as his knights, as The Cult Percuseus. They did return however during the final battle Percuseus's children were murdered as Ogun and Zuba swung their swords. Distrested so much by it he Percuseus threw the swords into the distance. The Cult at this time were placing the Life Crystals in the Foreseen Temple . At this point Percuseus performed the final stage.

The Final Stage

The Final stage involved:

  • Splitting the world into 23 pieces. One for each God.
  • Sealing off The Sixth (Ogun's), The 13th (Maurikos's), 21st (Zuba's)
  • His Wife Rebekay created an Hourglass as to seal the energy and keep the Final Stage Intact
  • Percuseus saved his children by turning them into Enlighteners to guide and watch over the worlds

The Legend is explained on Chapter Nine - Scribe Five.