The Cult Percuseus


Main Line

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100,000 Words Target


Adam, Gary, Stash, Claria, Summer


Circle Horde

The Cult of Percuseus is the first book written in the series. It follows the Main Story Line meaning it is the skellington book/story that shows the way for any sub books (Read Series for more information). The Cult of Percuseus's main story line has it's five characters Adam, Gary, Stash, Claria and Summer attempting to complete The Cult of Percuseus.

Back of BookEdit

The world is in trouble as an army walking between the fabric of reality has come to destroy. The thousand year hour glass of sands is running low and so the guardians of The Order have repeated their historical plan and reformed the Cult of Percuseus- a group of five that are steeped in history and mystery. They must now live up to the Cult and collect life crystals to return the sands and bring the peace that should have fallen a millennium ago. However that is not all as outside forces and pieces to an ever devoloping puzzle of the world unfolds bringing the team to the brink of excitation.